Build a Stronger Financial Foundation for Your Students

The Crunched Education Program consists of student friendly, educational simulations that are used to improve financial literacy and provide irreplaceable financial experience that lasts a lifetime. The Crunched real-world simulations of managing a business and personal finances quickly becomes a semester standout.


of students have an interest in running their own business


of teens are eager to learn more about money management


have taken an accounting or personal finance class

Features & Benefits

Gain Financial Knowledge

Jumpstart your students accounting financial knowledge with a structured, two week interactive training workshop to learn the basics of cloud accounting technologies, managing business bookkeeping records, and analyzing basic financial reports.

Help With Career Choices

Accounting classes are not just for those who want to be an accountant! The Crunched education program will help many career paths including architects to entrepreneurs, plumbers to physicians, or lawyers to stock brokers.

Learn Real World Tasks

Balancing checkbooks, managing credit, making intelligent economic decisions, and staying out of debt are all topics teachers mention as being important to teach students before they go out into the “real world.”

Students will have the hands-on, interactive ability to:

  • Create a business account

  • Add customers, vendors, and sales items

  • Post invoices, apply customer payments, record bank deposits, and manage sales tax

  • Record payables expenses, process payments

  • Setup a customized chart of accounts

  • Create a checkbook, post transactions, and reconcile

  • Review the trial balance and general ledger

  • Analyze the balance sheet and the income statement

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